Rent and Sell

Sale and lease of real estate

How to rent a home or office easily? How to sell one’s home or property in general by making its value understood?
Let’s face it: there are properties that fail to be sold or rented, even if they are shown decently and appropriately.

In fact, they fail to attract buyers and tenants or the few interested ones later at the end do not conclude any contract.

Sometimes a good promotional campaign is not enough: to rent or sell a home, one must use the techniques inherent in Feng Shui.


Every property contains not only visibly tangible spatial conformations, but also energetic ones, equally perceptible on an unconscious and instinctual level by each of us.


Despite the fact that society in fact pushes us to be rational and technological, there are still instincts that guide us, foremost among them the instinct of survival.

Man -if able to listen to himself and not give rise to external conditioning- knows how to perceive his position in space in relation to a possible threat. This is why some structures do not attract, presenting themselves as unattractive.

How Feng Shui can help you rent or sell your property

Of a house or property in general we perceive and evaluate not only the physical features and aesthetic characteristics, but also the sensations they convey to us on a subtle level.

Sensations that affect both the exterior and the interior of the home. These sensations are assimilated already from the exterior of the home or workplace, because the street where the property is located also speaks to us about how it will change our everyday life.

This is why the search for a property to buy starts with defining the city neighborhood and listing the services or strategic points near which we wish to be.

The facade, access route, and entrance introduce what will be waiting for us behind the front door, and as a result, these are all areas whose features prepare us to become aware of how our lives will change upon moving in.


The structure and the walls themselves, moreover, are reminders of stories and previous lives that might disturb the visitor in some way.


To begin with, it is a good idea to perform an energetic cleaning of the rooms and then continue by implementing various small measures to restore a sense of welcome and well-being.

It is important that anyone who visits the property feels welcome: the idea is that this very person will settle there. For this reason, it is also important to rid the environment of any conflicting information and to give new light to its potential.

Making physical space means empowering someone else to be able to feel free to consider their allocation for future years.

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