How to organize your life

Did you know that an organized lifestyle improves the quality of living, frees up your space and your mind?

And yes, putting your surroundings in order and taking care of them is a great way to start giving yourself possibilities and make inner space for small and big changes.

By using customized organizational systems and teaching organizational skills, you can better manage your time and deal with changes in your business and personal life in a practical and effective way.


“A place for everything, everything in its place” is the motto that should guide the way you organize your space and furnishings, but not only that: optimize time, use it and manage it better.


If your home is well organized, this will simplify and ease your life, making you experience peaceful and fulfilling relationships. The same is true for the workplace: if it is perfectly ordered it will facilitate all your activities. Why? Simple because it will be arranged in such a way that not only its organization reflects the type of work you will have to perform, but also its proper performance.

How is this possible? First of all, by using categories to classify and place each object and by choosing the most suitable containers: all of this is essential to give a new organization to our spaces, subsequently preventing things from accumulating again, and making it easier to maintain the new lifestyle. And thus avoiding the need for decluttering.

Tidying up will not only result in a space characterized by a feeling of well-being and relaxation, but will allow more time for you, your family, and your work.

Tidying up, making space, and organizing help you live and work better-everything will get easier.

What does organization have to do with Feng Shui? Let’s find out together

Organizing with Feng Shui

Feng Shui works from the macro to the micro, which means that as early as the floor plan of your home or workplace I will give a layout to your living. The structure of every environment, in fact, represents a mental map that conditions us in our daily lives.

The organization of spaces works on a mental-cognitive (right hemisphere) level, since every time we create a new habit, new synapses, i.e., new neuronal connections, are created.

Grouping, organizing, subdividing, cataloging and arranging are actions that help develop the lateral thinking required by a solution-seeking forma mentis.

This is why it is important to organize each room according to its relationship with other spaces, based on its intended use, so that the arrangement of furniture and its contents is effective.

The use of media, such as boxes, binders and dividers, etc., makes it possible to fully exploit and optimize cabinets, drawers, shelves and shelves.

Physical order is the first step to arrive at a profound inner change characterized by greater mental and emotional order.


Getting certain areas of your home or workplace in order will lead you to address and become aware of certain areas of your life, promoting the creation of positive thoughts and a sense of fulfillment and tranquility.

Why focus on space organization?

In the home, it is important to identify your own personal method of organization so that you can live in a more spacious, cozy and functional home. . This will allow you to optimize the time spent on its management, keeping it in order with more ease and speed.

You will optimize not only space, time, and workflow, but also the search for documents and information. All by going about designing and organizing the space you have wisely and effectively, thereby improving the quality of your life.

In the work environment, a space organizing operation will help create an environment conducive to your business, increasing your and your employees’ productivity and consequently profits. All this is possible through customized action plans, based on tested principles and experiences, aimed at maintaining order and lightening operations.

This approach will enable you to make the most of your personal skills, be flexible in the face of unforeseen events, and decrease stress, anxiety, and mental confusion.


Living and working in an organized environment means approaching everyday life with a relaxed and controlled approach that will lead to achieving your goals with a clear mind and clarity of purpose.


You will in fact go on to create and reinforce structured mind maps that will allow you to consciously choose your priorities in any area of life.

How my counseling is conducted

During the counseling I will give you information and strategies as well as support to help you get organized in your daily life both at home and at work. The primary goal is to find the right balance through order and resource optimization.

Before tidying up, it may be necessary to Decluttering, of everything that is superfluous and brings you no real benefit, but only accumulation, blockage and occupation of your space.

What happens then? We will reorganize what remains in a practical and effective way according to your lifestyle.

Here are the stages of my consultation:

    • cognitive interview and inspection of the property
    • definition of objectives in relation to the quantity of objects to be intervened on
    • planning of the actions to be taken and scheduling of interventions
    • removal of the superfluous
    • organization and reorganization of spaces and furniture in a functional and optimal way
    • Post-consulting assistance

In this way, by sorting and organizing each and every home and work space and learning how to do it, you will see how you can better manage time, space, documents, objects, and above all, your life.

Both private and work.

Do you want to start organizing your home or office?

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