Date Selection

What is Date Selection

Date Selection, literally “date selection,” is a technique of Chinese origin practiced to identify the most propitious day and time to perform a certain action.

According to this ancient method any activity started at a favorable time is more likely to be successful, conversely if carried out at the wrong time it could generate undesirable or opposite to desired effects.

The time of when we start any activity, influences the activity itself, the way it is carried out and everyone involved in it.


Therefore, selecting the most favorable date to make certain choices, make important decisions, and undertake new initiatives is essential if we are to make the most of this opportunity and achieve greater benefits.


How does all this fit together with Feng Shui?

Date Selection and Feng Shui

An ancient saying states:


“Being in the right place, facing the right direction, doing the right thing at the right time.”


With Feng Shui we have the opportunity to “be in the right place, facing the right direction,” because it can determine the best living and working place, optimal for each of us and our business.

Thanks to Date Selection, we can even complete this picture by going to “do the right thing at the right time.”

In the life you spend at home, in the office, in the store, in the studio, and so on, there are things to be done or experienced that if they happen at the wrong time can have slowdowns, abrupt stops, interruptions, unforeseen events, hiccups with unpleasant consequences in multiple aspects including the economic one.

Therefore, to obviate or limit these inconveniences, it is important to know when it is best to perform each specific activity and action.

In the case of real estate, the significant activities for which greater attention should be paid are:

Even minor interventions such as placing a fountain, moving a bed, placing a desk, or changing the orientation to a front door, if done at the right time are bound to be successful.

Want to know how Date Selection can improve your personal and professional life?

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