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Architecture and Interior Design

What do we mean by interior design? Interior architecture embraces different approaches to renovating and giving new light to the rooms we live in. It ranges from simply painting walls to changing furniture to tackling full-fledged interior design with building renovation.


Interior design affects all kinds of environments, from private homes to commercial establishments, from receptive spaces to working environments. All interventions are always characterized by taste and knowledge of good living, so much so that they are able to give new light even with only small touches.


Interior design is mainly concerned with taking care of the following aspects:

  • functionality, practicality and aesthetics of each room
  • right sizing of furniture
  • respect for transition spaces
  • rationality in the arrangement of the furniture used
  • quality of the materials and technologies chosen
  • comfort and livability

Together, these factors combine to create a harmonious environment in which the relationship between solids and voids is always balanced.

It can be defined as the art of knowing how to decorate without changing the load-bearing structures of the building, although there may be interventions, at the request of the client, that involve modernization through building renovation.

What is the relationship between interior design and Feng Shui?

How interior design and Feng Shui consulting is carried out?

Following a Feng Shui intervention, I will point you to a series of interventions related to the layout of the main furnishings to be implemented in your home and work environment.

Once you have defined the interventions, you will be able to decide whether to implement them on your own, according to the indications received, or to take advantage of my help by going on to define which colors, fabrics, materials and furnishing accessories to include in the environment until they are fully implemented.


It is important to have an overview in relation to colors, combinations, lighting, furniture elements, arrangement of the various rooms, and ideas for the optimization of space.


Consulting in general is carried out as follows:

  • cognitive interview and inspection of the property
  • definition of the furnishing style
  • design with an overview and creation of a personalized moodboard
  • identification and selection of supplies (furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles, decorations and so on)
  • integrated design, implementation and art direction

For each proposed intervention, I will take into account both the pre-set budget and the economic commitment that will be faced and the respect and optimization of the timeframe of supply and implementation.

Everything will be taken care of down to the smallest detail and nothing will be left to chance, while guaranteeing you freedom of expression.

Why interior design matters

Our home, much like the workplace, is a complex set of many aspects and components. When we decide to renovate or remodel, it is essential to analyze the needs and wants in relation to our lifestyle, goals, and requirements. We need to question what we really want and why we want it.

The house must reflect our character and person, otherwise we run the risk of it becoming unlivable in the long run.

The analysis starts from the outside: as Feng Shui reminds us, it is the outside that regulates the inside life, and this concept is also found in design and furnishings, which cannot be considered indivisible and inseparable factors from the context in which we live. Poor architecture leads to poor livability of interior spaces. Color, size, needs translated into interior design should never walk independently.


Observation of the characteristics, potential of the property, and also the survey of defects should be the basis of the design and revisiting of spaces, to define the actions to be taken also in relation to style ideas and aesthetic choices.


We spend 90 percent of our time indoors so it is important that spaces, materials, furnishings, colors, lights and accessories are coordinated with each other.

Interior Design and Feng Shui

The comfort of an environment is defined by a set of factors, by a final conformation, by the whole arrangement of the environment and not only by the presence or absence of furniture and various objects.

It is important that whatever element we decide to introduce into the environment blends perfectly with what the context is and brings a benefit itself. Feng Shui can help with this. Feng Shui can help with this.

In fact, during a Feng Shui consultation, guidance is given as to what interventions should be implemented in relation to your desired goal. Some examples? Goals can be simple room renovation to remodeling, depending on the client’s request.

Interior design helps us in the implementation of these proposals because it helps create-through a wise choice of colors, shapes and materials-the structure within which we will live from there on out.

When it comes to colors, for example, it is important to define the type of hue, its intensity, its texture or pattern, in relation to the effect we need to achieve.

Even other seemingly minor elements such as paintings, statues, and furnishings can actually introduce a strong type of information into an environment that needs careful evaluation at a deep instinctive level.


When deciding to work on even a single room, it is important to take care of the overall appearance by evaluating each individual element that makes up the room.

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Project customization

Based on the Feng Shui indications that emerged from the analysis, we will have an in-depth interview for the customization of design choices according to her aesthetic tastes and stylistic preferences.

We will then proceed to harmonize the color group to be used and matched in the choice of furnishings and fittings for all rooms, from wall paint to textiles.

We will provide you with appropriate documentation to better explicate, for each room and room in the property, the type and characteristics of individual elements (materials, furnishings, objects, textiles, and so on).

According to the client’s requests, the following are delivered:

  • survey
  • customized color palette
  • illustrative tables

Selection of materials

We will then delve into finishes and supplies such as flooring, wall tiles, sanitary ware, faucets, and so on.

This phase is preceded by a discussion to discuss preferences, define the maximum cost, and the timing of procurement of materials.

Referring back to the Feng Shui analysis and in relation to the budget and timeframe given by the client, I will define a list of products showing the name or code, brand and price.

At this stage are given, in relation to your requirements:

  • Product summary document
  • Graphic tables
  • Personal Shopping

Furniture selection

Once you have indicated budget and timeframe, I will study an interior design solution for choosing furniture and furnishings that harmonize with each other.

The proposed selected products take into account the shape, material and color characteristics that emerged from the Feng Shui analysis and the resulting custom color palette.

In fact, I define a shopping list of furniture and furnishings complements, indicating for each product its name or code, brand name and price that the customer can purchase.

I will also provide you with:

  • illustrated list of furniture items
  • personal Shopping
  • custom-made furniture boards

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