Building and Renovating

Architecture and Feng Shui

Quite often, I hear from people who have made renovations to their homes but are not fully satisfied with them, or from families who have requested Feng Shui counseling but have not received optimal practical living feedback.

My intent, in light of this, is to translate the ancient principles of Feng Shui into an appropriate architectural solution for each client’s personal needs, ensuring a high level of comfort and well-being.

The goal, therefore, is to create a functional and aesthetic environment that is at the same time thought out, designed, and built in relation to the person or household that is going to live there.
It is not only a matter of achieving living comfort, but also of studying an environment that can accompany us on our life journey, going on to improve our existence in many ways:

    • health
    • relationship with the partner
    • relationships with children and family
    • success in our activities
    • economic prosperity
    • career

The space around us is capable of giving us profound well-being, and it is our power to shape it to our advantage.

These principles are applied not only to homes but also to work environments such as offices, studios, stores, and so on.

My services for housing construction and building renovation

Thanks to my experience in the field of engineering and architecture and the partnerships established over the years, I am able to offer a variety of services in the field of construction.

Land registry services

I can take care of:

    • Cadastral viewings
    • Planimetric visures
    • Mortgage viewings
    • registrations
    • DOCFA
    • Map extract
    • fractionations
    • Toponymy rectification
    • boundary corrections
    • Map type for updating Land Registry

Services in the energy field

Here’s how and what I can help you with:

    • energy performance certificate (APE)
    • APE commercial premises
    • interventions building envelope recovery
    • Tax deductions for Energy Savings.

Building Practices

I can help you with these building practices:

    • Opening a hospitality business
    • CILA
    • DIA
    • SCIA
    • building permit
    • urban regeneration
    • Habitability request
    • request landscape authorization
    • interior renovation
    • rehabilitation of existing buildings
    • opening Medium or Large commercial structure
    • sanitary authorizations
    • registration, Variation and Cessation TA.RI.
    • sign authorization request
    • house number request
    • driveway request
    • sanitary authorizations.

Building sanction

I can help you with:

    • amnesty permit
    • request of compliance
    • viewings Practice status
    • request certified copy of amnesty concession.

Civil Engineer

Here’s how I can help you with Civil Engineer paperwork:

    • requesting seismic permits
    • certificates of static suitability
    • interventions on existing structures
    • static and seismic evaluations of existing buildings.


In the area of safety, I can help you with the following activities:

    • Fire Prevention Certificate (“CPI”)
    • fire prevention design
    • P.O.S. consulting.
    • Pi.M.U.S.
    • safety coordinator in the executive phase
    • design of Safety at the Construction Site – PSC.

Interior Design

My interior design services:

    • custom color palette
    • full-color floor plans complete with furnishings
    • graphic boards (moodboards)
    • shopping list
    • personal shopper


I can also help you graphically by making:

    • 2D project
    • 3D project
    • photo-realistic images of interiors
    • photo-realistic images of exteriors
    • rendering.

What services do you need? Let’s talk about it!

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