Feng Shui Consultant

I am a Feng Shui consultant, building engineer, architect, and professor of geobiology and home therapy.
I do love what I do and I constantly study to help people find a deep condition of wellness.
How? By improving their home or workspace.
Find out how I can help you.

Find out everything I can do for you:

Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui can help you change the environment to your advantage, whether it’s your home or where you work. Find out how I can help you feel well-being from the spaces you live in

Geobiological Analysis

With geobiology I study the magnetic, telluric, cosmic, and electromagnetic influences responsible for alterations to help you live healthily and for a long time. Learn more

Interior Design

Painting walls, changing furniture, interior design. This and more with interior design

Ba Zi

Did you know that Ba Zi can help you recognize favorable and contrary energies? Together with Feng Shui, it allows us to know if your living space supports you. Find out how to

Would you like to know more about how Feng Shui can improve your home or work environment?


I could admire Luca for the first time as a Speaker of his Feng Shui class… he is a great expert of this ancient discipline and he can transmit it with expertise, professionalism and passion. I addressed myself to him for a Ba zi consultation and, thanks to his recommendations, I can benefit from it in my everyday life. I suggest contacting Luca for his knowledge and expertise, as well as for the passion in each work and kindness that has always proved.

We contacted Luca for the project of our house before starting our life together. We were absolutely sure that Feng Shui could help us to build our house according to our taste, our history and our future. The consultation was made with both of us as a couple and personally with each of us and this was the key-point to modify the rooms disposition and furnishings according to the necessity of both of us. Much of the course has been made through video calls, due to the covid pandemic, anyway it has been made professionally as always. Luca could manage all the situations in the best possible way!! Greatly recommended. Thank you Luca!

I’ve asked Luca for a consultation for the studio apartment where I live and let me say that I’ve been very satisfied. Luca is a professional and very keen for his work. He wants people to feel better thanks to Feng Shui. It’s not only about his expertise, he is also a heart-giving person and this is the reason why I fully trust his advice.

Amazing! After the interview I immediately noticed the outcome of his work: a new kind of light has entered my life and my small home. I’m surprised, enthusiastic and excited about this! I’m so grateful for the great service I’ve received. During the consultation, some negative aspects arose even though they were hidden quite well during all this time and they also got bigger day by day. This is the reason why I did not feel good: neither could I understand where the discomfort was coming from, nor could I find my way to get rid of them. With just one suggestion, he took me to the first steps towards a highly desired new start in this moment of my life, despite I’ve never thought about this before.

How complex and fascinating this topic is! His great clarity during the presentations, sensitivity and positivity represent added values to his highly specialized consultations; you all have to contact Luca! Especially the ones who say “I tried everything” to feel better at home – it is a great occasion to find out the sought-after balance.

When we met Luca, we were stuck with our house planning. We were not able to conclude and deliver the project, since it did not fully convince us.It was at this point that Luca gently and respectfully entered our lives: we first could notice high competence, humility and carefulness. After caring about our needs and ideas, he brought the missing harmony into our home with the necessary modifications of the project. Right now our home is finished and we have just realized how important those changes were to make our dreams come true and to avoid any kind of disaster that could have made us have afterthoughts about our investment. We are thankful for the greatest value he gave us.

I met Luca Maria Lavezzi during a Feng Shui national convention and I had the chance to appreciate his expertise, willingness, sensibility and altruism in helping other people to solve home-related issues. I asked him for advice about a housing matter that I had close to my heart for a long time – he had immediately helped me out finding a solution that was efficient and in line with my concept of the ambience. Staying in my house now is a great pleasure, even our guests have noticed this, as a matter of fact they don’t want to leave it anymore!

The first time I met Luca, he looked like a discreet and professional person to me and so he is. For this reason, I’ve decided to contact him, who listened to our requests and created a Feng Shui project by respecting our home style. We could modify several situations by simply using what we have and with limited costs. I have to say that there was a breakthrough in a lot of personal and working situations, they have even improved and are still changing right now, as our home is gradually revealing itself anytime we change something.

Do you feel tired, uninspired or sad without any specific reason? Then my suggestion is to ask for a Feng Shui consultation. This ancient Chinese discipline can help us to find a new sprint, by throwing out any kind of negative vibes. This can be done simply by organizing home or office furnishings in a proper way! Love, friendship and business will take advantage of Feng Shui, too!

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