Feng Shui Consultation

How my Feng Shui consultation takes place

The Feng Shui consultation is the starting point of my work and it is a very important moment both for me as a consultant and for the person who has requested my intervention.

It starts with a cognitive interview that usually takes place in the place where we are going to intervene: the house or the work environment. If this is not possible we can also do the first meeting online.

How does the counseling take place? Basically in 4 stages:

      • meeting with the person (or property) and inspection
      • analysis of the property to understand what problems are encountered and what goals you want to achieve
      • discussion on the actions that you want to take
      • follow-up and follow-ups in the following months until the desired situation is reached.


The goal of a Feng shui consultation is to create a space that is harmonious and tailored to the person living in it.


And this is to prevent possible inconveniences (if you are thinking of going there to live or work, but the choice has not yet in fact been taken) or to improve unfavorable situations (if we are referring to the house in which one has been living for months or years or the usual place of work).

I conduct my Feng Shui consulting in Milan and beyond: contact me to learn more.


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