Civil Engineer / Architect
Feng Shui Consultant


Enthusiastic of the world around us

I have always been dedicated to the study of the environment in which we live and how it affects our lifestyle. The studies in civil engineering-architecture were fundamental to learning how to shape spaces in relation to the personal and housing needs of each type of client.

For over 10 years I have been daily facing different realities – such as engineering companies, architectural studios, construction companies, as well as private and public clients – who have given me and give me the opportunity to put into practice what I have learned, in addition to experiment and test new building techniques.

Feng Shui, a discipline whose foundations have always been inside me, officially became part of my knowledge in 2015.

The cross-disciplinary approach that distinguishes my education and my profession results in the analysis of the spaces – living and working ones – in consideration of the signals from the client, to then act in a concrete way on the environment.

The projects that I propose are aimed at making the necessary changes to the requested space, so that it is able to support us in depth according to the intended purposes. The mix of all these doctrines combined with a constant update and detailed study of new contents, allows me to offer a 360 ° professional service, so as to ensure the satisfaction of the different needs of customers.

The future is yet to be written. The idea that stands behind every project I propose is actually based on such fundamentals.

The environment in which we live and work speaks of us, of our past and, above all, it influences our future. We are daily exposed to subtle information that communicates with our inner being: it is important to make sure that the messages we receive from the environment are positive and supportive for us.

The choice and design of the spaces in which we will spend most of the time is really fundamental for ourselves.


What I can do for you

Feng Shui

The space where we live defines the quality
of the life.



Taking care of the house is a way to take care
of ourselves.



A positive environment makes people happy and companies productives.



During my university education in Building Engineering-Architecture, I spent a study period abroad through the Erasmus programme, more precisely in Denmark. After completing my Master’s degree at the age of 24, I became qualified as both an engineer and an architect.

From the beginning, I have been working as a freelancer, collaborating with both private individuals and companies. I was personally involved in new constructions, renovations and regulatory adaptations of buildings, being the architect, the construction manager and safety coordinator of these projects. This included the management of municipal practices, cadastral practices, energy certifications and tax fulfilments, such as ENEA practices for tax deductions.

In addition, I have worked with engineering and architecture firms, as well as with photovoltaic companies, holding various positions as construction manager, project manager, project controller, safety coordinator, expert inspector and project auditor for public works projects.

Since 2015, I have decided to dedicate myself to Feng Shui, an ancient universal discipline of Chinese origin aimed at achieving psychophysical well-being in interior environments. I am a SIAF-recognised Feng Shui Consultant, graduated from the Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy, of which I am now an Ambassador.

Currently, I practise this discipline as the contact person for a team of professionals in the building and interior design sector, personally handling Feng Shui consultations for private homes, offices and workplaces.

I also am a lecturer of Feng Shui, Home Therapy and Geobiology courses at the Academy of Naturopathy A.N.E.A. I have participated as a speaker at numerous congresses and contributed articles to specialised magazines.


Curriculum Vitae


Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy

Ambassador Consultant Professional

Academy of Naturopathy A.N.E.A.

Docente dei corsi didattici di Feng Shui, Domoterapia e Geobiologia

Dowsing and Radionics

Direct disciple of Tiziano Guerzoni

International Praticioners of Holistic Medicine

Reiki Master according to the traditional Japanese method

SIAF Italy – Professional Category Association

Officially recognized as a Holistic Practitioner Specializing in Feng Shui

5° Congresso Nazionale Creative Feng Shui

Consulenze Feng Shui personalizzate ai partecipanti.

Four Pillars of Destiny

In-depth study of Chinese Astrology Ba Zi

Creative Feng Shui

Professional training course in Feng Shui