What is Decluttering

Decluttering is the removal of excess items to regain living and mental and physical well-being.

It is a conscious rearrangement to eliminate anxiety, frustration and guilt, with the aim of regaining control of one’s physical and inner space.

Accumulations not only limit the usability of spaces and our freedom of movement in the home, but at the same time affect the psycho-emotional state by creating agitation, confusion, distraction and so on.

The problem arises when the house becomes an obstacle and we feel overwhelmed even in everyday life. Some examples?

    • you can’t find the things you need
    • you can no longer remember what you have in the house
    • you have no useful space to carry out normal activities
    • you don’t know how to start tidying up
    • you don’t know where to put new purchases

Decluttering works at the emotional level (left hemisphere) by helping you untie the inner knots that drive you to buy, collect and keep items that do not give real benefit, it also gets you past the most common resistances such as “it can always be used,” “it’s a keepsake,” “it cost money,” bringing back harmony and organization.


Decluttering also means learning to ask yourself questions already at the purchasing stage to select upstream which items make sense to buy. After all, the more you accumulate, the more you will struggle to eliminate.

Decluttering and Feng Shui

So what is the relationship between decluttering and Feng Shui?
First of all, we need to remember that our home is us and is therefore an extension of our body, which is why it is crucial not to have significant accumulations within it.

In English, clutter means “disorder” and is derived from clot, which means clot. The term clutter can thus be seen as a chaotic cluster that gets in the way of the proper functioning of an environment.

The subtle connection between home and body is the basis of traditional Feng Shui because our biological matrix registers a deep synergistic connection with the home, creating a “mental map.”


Accumulations can represent an emotional block, an aspect that one does not want to deal with, or an unconscious path to an inner void filling, either way they all result in fear and anxiety about the future preventing us from living fully in the present.


Getting rid of excess objects will lead to reclaiming your space, and every free space corresponds to possibilities for action, freedom of expression as well as an external manifestation of inner empowerment and fulfillment.

Doing Decluttering also means learning to give the right weight to objects, safeguard the dearest affections and get rid of the superfluous, in this way we will become more aware of our values and gain more awareness in other areas of life, in the relational, social and work fields.

Decluttering is a personal path to regaining deep physical and emotional well-being, which starts from removing the root causes of accumulating objects to facilitating the removal of those that take away space and time from life arriving at recreating a space that sustains us.

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How to do decluttering and why it is important

Why do you accumulate so much stuff? To solve the problem you need to act on its psychological causes, going to the root of the impulse to “fill up” and learning to apply techniques and advice not at home, but within yourself.

It is important not to stop at the surface by treating only the symptoms, because if you do, you will continue to feel inner resistance that prevents you from “breaking free.”

As a Decluttering practitioner I teach you how to overcome these resistances with confidence and awareness, providing you with practical methods and solutions to put into practice whenever you feel an inner conflict and perceive a material obstacle.

In what areas will you notice the benefits of a decluttering intervention?

    • habitational: a spacious, clean and tidy home is the first visible and tangible result you will achieve, but this will reflexively lead to the achievement of a profound well-being in multiple aspects including rest, self-esteem and family harmony.
    • personal: being linked to psychological aspects will enable you to learn to recognize and defuse the hidden mechanisms of hoarding, helping you to develop willpower, a sense of limits, decision-making and management skills, emotional resilience and more.
    • economic: every object hides within itself hidden costs related to use, maintenance and management, so it is important to avoid financial outlays on objects that serve only to plug emotional holes; conversely, it is good to devote our finances to real and experiential needs.

How to do Decluttering: the advice

The goal is to select and remove items that we don’t need, don’t like, or are tied to unpleasant memories, making room in the home only for everything that deserves and brings real benefit.

Starting with a few hours’ intervention, you will learn effective methods and concrete solutions to know how to limit compulsive buying, value what you own, remove unnecessary items, and organize your space more effectively.

Here is how my consultation will take place:

    • cognitive interview to understand your needs
    • inspection of the property to assess the current state of the rooms
    • definition of the objectives in relation to the quantity of objects to intervene on
    • planning of the actions to be taken and scheduling of interventions
    • Implementation of decluttering operations
    • Organization and rearrangement of spaces and furnishings
    • Post-consulting assistance

After clearing the space I recommend that you reorganize and design each room with functionality and practicality, while creating a new atmosphere of fluidity, lightness and vitality.

Want to learn more about decluttering and how it can help you?

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