What is geobiology

In ancient times, man was defined by the Chinese people as an aerial between heaven and earth, able to emit and receive electromagnetic vibrations in all directions and in constant interaction with the universe around him.

Based on this principle, it is easy to understand how each natural element-human, animal and plant-has developed in relation to the environmental influences of the context due to the different characteristics of places.

Into all this comes geobiology. But what is it and what does it study?
Geobiology studies the magnetic, telluric, cosmic, and electromagnetic influences responsible for alterations in order to avoid them to help each of us live healthy and long lives.


It thus brings together all the deepest knowledge about the relationship between everything living and the different energies and vibrations that make up life on earth.


To detect these invisible emanations, the expert in geobiology uses his or her own body as the first tool as a receiver of the signals present in the context, the other tool being “L” rods or dowsing rods.

Although geobiology was already known and practiced in the time of the ancient Etruscans and Romans, it was brought to light in the last century through the studies of physician Ernst Hartmann, who in 1964 published the book Krankheit als Standortproblem, which translated states Illness as a place-related problem.

Hartmann was the discoverer of the energy grid of the same name that covers the earth’s surface, creating nodes also called geopathogenic zones at intersections.

What geobiology studies

Geobiology generally deals with looking for areas where influencing factors are altered; these altered areas are called geopaths. Alterations can be due to:

        • aquifers and stratum, i.e., moving groundwater
        • faults and stratigraphic contacts
        • Benker network
        • Hartmann network and nodes
        • Curry’s network and nodes
        • cavities
        • anomalies
        • Radon gas.


Geobiology, therefore, studies not only telluric radiation, but also underground water, air and gas currents, geological faults, magnetic lines, air ionization, electromagnetic perturbations, and radioactive and electrical contamination.


It basically investigates the interaction between the planet’s magnetic field and cosmic magnetic fields from the ionosphere and space.

Important is the concept, according to geobiology, that the entire globe is crisscrossed by networks based on the geophysical characteristics of the ground, which at the points of intersection, called nodes, originate higher energy intensities.

What does this have to do with choosing a home or workplace? That the presence of these nodes and other geopathic alterations is to be kept in mind for fundamental choices such as where to build a house, as remaining on such perturbations alters cellular processes and biorhythms.

Buying a property, building a house, and living in a healthier home is the goal by ascertaining early on the absence of the geologic disturbances in the ground.

What geobiology is for

What does geobiology have to do with Feng Shui? As early as 1,000 B.C., Feng Shui was concerned with choosing a propitious place for human settlement and harmonizing buildings in the landscape, respectfully fitting them into the energetic structure of the place.

It is therefore important to become aware that there are magnetic, telluric, cosmic, and electromagnetic influences that are responsible for numerous disturbances that can be harmful to human health.

Indeed, living beings are sensitive to all these factors, electromagnetic fields and waves that interfere with their organic functioning.


The human organism, exposed to the energy source over the long term, can accumulate such amounts of energy that it can cause such ailments as insomnia, fatigue, depression, difficulty breathing, cardiovascular problems, and even forms of cancer.


This geopathic stress is a direct consequence of long-term overexposure to geopathy.

Although its origin has not yet been scientifically proven and there seems to be no full understanding of this phenomenology, this nevertheless does not deny its existence.

Nobel laureate in physics Carlo Rubbia said in 1998 that science today knows little more than 10 percent of the energies around us.

What influences life on Earth, in fact, comes not only from within our planet, but also from numerous influencing factors essential to our lives from the Cosmos.

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Geopathies and biocompensation

Certain electromagnetic field conditions, caused mostly by radiation of natural cause, can give rise to geopathic disturbances, which are called geopathies.

Geopathies can be particularly strong and dangerous in cases where natural telluric radiation, originating from the earth’s interior, combines with other areas of energetic disturbance, such as faults and underground streams.

To remedy these situations requires the intervention of an experienced geobiologist or dowser, who is not only able to detect the causes of the problems but is also able to rebalance the geopathic disturbance.

In the case where simply moving the main fixed locations, such as bed and workplace, is not possible, bio compensation that rebalances the geopathic disturbance, reharmonizing the entire environment, must be implemented.

Bio Compensation therefore is quite different from shielding, which has the sole effect of blocking the disturbance signal.

In order to determine which bio compensator to use, it is necessary to conduct tests to make sure that it is absolutely compatible with all the people living there. Therefore it should be placed by an expert only after testing its actual effectiveness on each member of the household.

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