Choosing the real estate

Choosing the real estate

How do you go about finding your dream home? Or the perfect place to work? Let’s face it, it is not always easy to find real estate that satisfies us, not surprisingly most of the time we compromise.
Ideally, you should make this decision without external constraints such as search time, adherence to budget, distance to utilities, and affordability related to an inheritance or bequest.

In fact, when you visit a potential property for the first time, your thoughts are focused on rational factors and concerns related to the state it is in, the finishes, the type of heating, the ancillary spaces, the operating expenses, any renovations to be counted, and so on.


Being focused on evaluating so many factors at the same time puts you at risk of forgetting the main objective, which is what you really want from this property and what kind of influence you want to receive in the years to come.


This is what a Feng Shui consultation is for when choosing a home or office: asking for a consultation on a preventive level is important because it helps you understand how the new property will affect your deep mind and related choices.

Opting for a new home, office, store, or studio means choosing a new future, for you, your family, and your business.

Feng Shui in choosing a home or workplace

Feng Shui studies the relationship between humans and the environment. . And by environment we mean both the natural and the built environment. This means that when we choose a new home or workplace, the context in which it fits is relevant and should always be taken into account when making decisions.

Region, province, municipality, street, building, floor, orientation are all factors that are analyzed in macro Feng Shui, and then we move on to study the internal structure of the property, its floor plan and the substructure given by the main furnishings.

Thinking about varying even one of these factors, you immediately realize the effect it would have on your living and working and thus the inherent relevance encapsulated in it.


The planimetric structure of the property in which you will move every day for years and several times a day will condition not only your movements, but also your thinking, behavior, and consequently affect various areas of your life.


The planimetry, the shape, the distribution of rooms, the location of functions and the resulting paths are mapped by the brain and stored at a deep level, going on to define by analogythe mental image you have of your life, the hierarchical importance of different areas of life and the way you approach them.


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Defining the home or our new place of business means at the same time determining your future.

In order not to make decisions that are rushed or dictated by external factors and conditioning, I recommend that you also evaluate the potential property from a deeper and more personal point of view through Feng Shui.


A prior Feng Shui evaluation will be able to guide you in this choice by recommending the best solution for you, your family and your life plans.

At the same time it will take into account the potential that the property has, the respect of finances and any renovation work to be done, thus going to preserve you from unpleasant future inconveniences.

Finding out that the chosen space does not convey a feeling of welcome and well-being once purchased or rented will negate the efforts made and weaken our future.

Requesting a Feng Shui consultation at the time of a move gives you a wide opportunity to define your future life path, at a lower cost than intervening in an already occupied space.

Deciding to take preventive action means seizing an opportunity that will not come so easily and at the same time gaining greater awareness of your future. Therefore, it is essential to take full decision-making control in both buying and renting.

How a Feng Shui consultation is performed

To determine which property is best suited to your living needs, you can request a Feng Shui consultation either before the search begins or when you already have a range of proposals to evaluate.

In the start-up phase the following steps will be taken:

    • Knowledge interview with the buyer or tenant
    • Definition of objectives in relation to needs
    • Assessment of personal energy conformation
    • Determination of the optimal territorial area

The larger the search area, the greater the chances of finding a suitable place to settle down.

Then, based on the general indications that have arisen during this first part of the Feng Shui consultation, you can proceed independently in contacting real estate agencies and conducting visits. Upon request, it is also possible to be followed during this field research phase.

Once the search is already in progress and based on the properties you like, the steps are:

    • Taking a view of the exteriors and context
    • Feng Shui analysis of the floor plan
    • Preliminary assessment of the quality of each property

At the conclusion of this preliminary Feng Shui analysis, you will acquire information about the deep characteristics of each property and the influence it will have, so that you can consciously choose your new home or workplace.


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