Existing real estate


Existing real estate

The most has been done, the property has been purchased, and then what happens? After the purchase, everyone furnishes their property and customizes it according to a variety of factors taking into account tastes, aesthetics, investment economy, but also utility, practicality, etc…

According to Feng Shui, the main furniture and furnishings create a substructure, less than that given by the interior walls and partitions, within which we move on a daily basis.

In practice, space is occupied by elements that, with their shapes, colors, materials, influence the sensory and emotional impact that each room has on us.


However, despite one’s good will, one does not always achieve a harmonious environment capable of ensuring high levels of indoor well-being.


This concept applies to any property, regardless of its square footage. Indeed, even in small rooms, details make a difference. That is why, in relation to furniture choices, very different results can be obtained.

Without neglecting, then, that in Italy, or more generally in the West, we have the habit of staying in housing units for decades because the purchase is a long-term investment.

As a result, each of us evolves over the years while the “real estate” remains as it is, unchanged over time and thus unable to sustain us along our life journey.

This is why it is important to seek Feng Shui counseling: to adjust the space around us by bringing it back in line and energetically in synergy with one’s personal growth goals.

But what does Feng Shui intervention consist of?

Feng Shui intervention

We also perceive and evaluate the deep feelings that the real estate unit gives us.
It happens very often that an environment that for years has been regarded as “home” and a pleasant place is now perceived as inadequate and uncomfortable.


One no longer feels comfortable, there is a feeling of discomfort, and relationships among those who visit it turn out to be increasingly complicated or begin to lose their value.


These and many other effects are common to those who seek Feng Shui advice on an existing property. There are those who take the opportunity to request the intervention of the Feng Shui Consultant in conjunction with an idea of restyling and furniture change, sometimes going as far as some possible minor construction changes.

Generally on an existing property, work is done by balancing energy information through:

  • the use of color
  • the simple relocation of furniture
  • the strategic placement of furnishing accessories
  • the use of symbols

All proposed interventions thus take into account the elements present, safeguarding and making the most of what is already owned.

You do not necessarily have to purchase new furniture, objects or furnishings.

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