Feng Shui for business

If you are a freelancer or own a business, surely your office is your second home.

Have you ever thought about how many hours of your life you spend sitting at your desk and the quality of time you spend in your work environment?

It is important that your work environment is suitable for your needs and those of your employees, but it is also an environment that suits your business. The operational headquarters must be able to support you, respond to your needs and welcome customers in the right way.

It is also important to increase your business performance by ensuring a high quality of services offered.


This is what Feng Shui is for: creating an environment suitable for the work-business activity you are dealing with, enhancing your strengths and providing you with the tools to be able to make the most of them.

Did you know that Feng Shui can help you create your company logo?

A logo is like a signature, actually more, which is why, in addition to meeting marketing needs and coordinating with all visual communication, it must be representative of energies. Yours and your business’s.
And Feng Shui can help you have a high-energy brand identity and effective communication of your values.

When is a Feng Shui intervention necessary?

How does Feng Shui come to our aid to improve the workplace? Here are some cases:

      • when choosing a piece of land on which to establish your business
      • when choosing and purchasing a work space
      • during the design of business space
      • at the stage of office maintenance and renovation work
      • in the case of redesigning interior spaces
      • when relocating the enterprise from one location to another or in the possible purchase of a new location.

A Feng Shui intervention also has an influence on the following areas:

      • affirmation of one’s corporate role
      • interpersonal dynamics among employees
      • performance of human resources
      • emotional impact of the client
      • quality of work

All the cases just mentioned may also be related to each other. In what sense? For example, if you plan to renovate the store, you actually have an opportunity to create a space that is suitable for you, the employees, and the business itself.

On the other hand, if you plan to buy a new location, you have additional opportunities to choose one suitable for your business project both now and in the future.

Therefore, a business-level Feng Shui intervention can always be required.


A favorable environment makes people happy and businesses more productive.

Feng shui helps you take care of customers

Feng Shui applied to business activities benefits not only the owners and employees, but also the customers of the business.

Feng Shui can be instrumental in improving the relationship with your customers. Why? Customers must first feel attracted and enticed to come in, and then they must feel welcomed, comfortable and predisposed to purchase.

It is no coincidence that a Feng Shui consultation takes into consideration as the first factor the environment in which the property in question is located: it is the outside that conditions the inside. This is why, even if on the same street, some merchants have a greater number of customers and a higher range of performance and earnings.


Feng Shui applied to workplaces will serve to create an image appropriate to the business and communicate it to the customer in a subtle, incisive, consistent way, leaving a positive impression that will entice them to return.

How Feng Shui consulting for companies is carried out

Feng Shui consulting for companies generally takes place in this way:

      • cognitive meeting with the owner or partners, detection of problems and feedback of the client’s objectives
      • inspection of the space under analysis and detection of the data necessary for the analysis
      • analysis of the property in relation to the work activity and design proposal for intervention
      • discussion with the property for verification and discussion of actions to be taken
      • implementation of the interventions to be carried out on the property
      • monitoring and verification in the following months of the status of the consultation.

Many market-leading companies have relied on Feng Shui over the years to consolidate and increase their business.

Multinational giants have been able to take full advantage of the benefits that Feng Shui can offer, relying on the professionalism of expert consultants.

Ironic for example is Donald Trump’s statement, “I don’t’ believe in Feng Shui, but I use it because it makes me money!”

Would you like to know more? We’ll have a chat to figure out how to help you.

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Did you know that Feng Shui can help you create your logo? Find out how to

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