Ba zi

Ba Zi

What is Ba Zi

Ba Zi is a comprehensive system of Chinese astrology, called Four Pillar of Destiny Astrology or, indeed, Chinese Energetic Astrology.
Its origins are very ancient and uncertain, just consider that Xu Zi Ping, the greatest modern Ba Zi master, lived before the year 1,000.

What does Ba Zi mean? Its name literally means “eight symbols,” which are the eight ideograms that make up a person’s birth chart and determine his or her main energetic characteristics.

Eight archetypes? Yes, this first indication already makes you understand how Ba Zi is a much more complex tool than the popular horoscope, which generally speaks of zodiac sign (comparable to the Day Master) and ascendant (similar to the animal of the year).

In ancient China, prominent families had their own Ba Zi advisor to whom they turned when making important choices, whether family or business.
Just like Feng Shui, Chinese Energetic Astrology has its roots in Eastern metaphysics; in fact, ancient Feng Shui consultants were also astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists.

Ba Zi is not a form of divination, channeling, or mind or future reading, but is the science of studying Destiny, using principles and methods from Chinese metaphysics.

Ba Zi and Feng Shui: how do they work together?

You may have heard many times about circadian rhythm, how important it is to direct the bed and desk to have good Feng Shui, and how much an orientation changes the energy of an environment. These are just a few examples of the direct connection that exists between time and directions in space and the relationship between Ba Zi and Feng Shui.

During a Feng Shui consultation I always check how the directional energies of a house and its individual spaces affect personal and professional life by comparing this information with the Ba Zi chart of the person who lives there. In this way only you can know if your living space is helping and supporting you.

From a technical point of view, the archetypes that occur with Ba Zi on a time level are the same as when I operate with Feng Shui and space reorganization.

Feng Shui and Ba Zi have the same origin, speak the same language, and combine to give you a broader and more complete picture of your existence.
In fact, Feng Shui deals with Earthly Qi, Ba Zi studies Heavenly Qi to provide your Human Qi with the best tools to deal with your life.

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