Carta Ba Zi

Birth Chart

What is the Ba Zi card and how can it help you?

The Ba Zi card is a snapshot of your entire life and the subtle energetic qualities ascribed to you at the moment of birth.
When you are born you receive an energetic imprint, called a Ming (“Heavenly Decree”), basically the map of your life, which you cannot change but can learn about in order to explore it to the fullest.

Your birth date influences your whole existence.

The birth chart is composed mainly of eight energy archetypes: four animals of the Chinese zodiac called earth branches and four pure energies (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) in their yin or yang form called celestial stems.

The combination of these elements defines your uniqueness, your talents and also your frailties.

Knowing and understanding what we are made of is a new way of looking at your life and the key to always being prepared.

Together with Feng Shui, birth chart reading helps you understand mechanisms of the past and wisely plan your life in relation to upcoming transits.

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Birth chart reading: what it is and what it is for

Each of us has our own Bazi chart, determined by the month, day, time and place of birth.

Reading your birth chart starts with an analysis of what happened to you in the past, to check your response to certain energy transits, because only by knowing the past can we accurately read the present.

By requesting a Ba Zi consultation, you will gain a better understanding of your life path, what your strengths are, and how best to approach the near future.

What are you going to discover about yourself through the analysis of your Ba Zi birth chart?

    • psychological characteristics and introspective aspects, you will become aware of your dominant characteristics, your strengths and also your limitations and weaknesses;
    • what your favorable and supportive energies are, so you will understand the manifestation of certain situations and dynamics that govern certain aspects of your life;
    • what the future holds for you, by going to see the upcoming yearly and ten-year energy transits, with the aim of planning in advance your moves in relation to your goals to be achieved.

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